Stronger Together

Alpine Butterfly founder Olga Caro was born in Colombia and raised in Phoenix before moving to Los Angeles in 2016 to work on a modeling campaign for Guess. Passionate about the body–love movement, strong female friendships, and designing beautiful things, Olga was inspired to create a swimwear line after witnessing her nieces having a difficult time finding high–quality swimsuits which fit their body types.

With a background in modeling and a love for fashion, Olga created Alpine Butterfly, a swimwear line reminiscent of romantic sunsets and tropical beaches. Featuring whimsical designs and a dreamy, bohemian vibe, Olga’s vision for Alpine Butterfly is to revolutionize the plus–size industry and create a brand meant to celebrate women of all body types, while igniting feelings of self–love and empowerment.

A mother herself, Olga wants her children to grow up in a world full of positivity, love, and acceptance. She believes that when women come together and empower one another, the possibilities are endless.