Stronger Together

Women struggle with self love and body confidence everyday and sometimes loving your body how it is right now can be easier said than done. Life is too short to be uncomfortable in your own skin. And although it may sound cliché, it’s important. Alpine Butterfly Swim was created to inspire women to wear that sexy swimsuit and love yourself while doing it. In 2015, after realizing that finding swimsuits (that were also flattering!) for my plus size niece was nearly impossible, I was inspired to create a brand that didn’t forgot about all of the women who are above a size 8. Alpine Butterfly Swim officially launched August 2017.

The journey in creating an Alpine bikini begins with designing the piece at our studio in Hyde Park, Los Angeles. Once the design is complete, we create a sample to photograph on an Alpine Muse and the product goes live on our website. When you place an order, we print out the corresponding pattern, cut the fabric, and sew your new suit all on the same day. Since every bikini is made-to-order, we can achieve the highest quality possible and avoid wasteful overproduction. Once the garment is complete, we package it with love and our mailman Ray comes to pick it up. Then the suit begins its journey to you.

Alpine Butterfly Swim is an all-girl powered company catering to female empowerment and body positivity. Alpine is made for women by women. I am determined to help girls of all ages who may be struggling with self confidence. With your support, I hope to revolutionize the plus-size industry by creating a world where women of all sizes feel beautiful in a swimsuit. Together we can continue to inspire and support each other because I believe that women are always stronger together.

Alpine Butterfly Swim is a plus-size, luxury swimwear line designed and founded in Venice Beach, California. In her free time, Olga enjoys getting involved with charities, mentoring young women, drinking wine, and spending time at the beach with her husband and two children, Valentino and Eloise.