A high-end, small-scale production solution for creatives, artists, independent brands, emerging designers and visionaries. House of Alpine is passionate about turning independent designers’ dreams into reality through sustainable, ethical, and affordable manufacturing. We offer cut and sew services, product development, fabric sourcing, sample creation and pattern making. Every garment and collection is made with love by our in-house production team at our studio in sunny Los Angeles, California.


The traditional manufacturing process is one of the most daunting aspects of starting a clothing brand. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Our mission is to provide you with the crystal clear clarity you need to turn your fashion dreams into reality. House of Alpine wants to help emerging designers thrive, succeed, and grow their label—by making small-batch, high-quality production affordable and realistic. Less upfront costs and smaller order sizes makes it possible for independent brands to launch their initial collections. Designers and entrepreneurs can benefit from House of Alpine’s knowledge and experience, while investing in a production studio they trust with their ideas, visions and designs. 


Our passion for small-batch manufacturing blossomed through our experience launching and growing Alpine Butterfly Swim. As a small, independent label, we were determined to manufacture high-quality garments through ethical, earth-friendly practices. However, it soon became obvious that many of the fashion industry’s problems come from the ways apparel is produced. Inspired to create meaningful change, we became dedicated to owning our own in-house production studio where we could be in control of the entire process. At House of Alpine, we deeply empathize with the obstacles new designers face and want to help you overcome them. House of Alpine will illuminate the path forward by providing mentorship throughout every step of the manufacturing process—so you can create your dream collections using ethical, earth-friendly practices too!


House of Alpine is committed to guiding designers along the journey of turning their ideas and designs into high-quality, custom garments. To ensure the finest possible outcome for the designers we work with, our experienced in-house team focuses on employing the highest standards of first-class production methods. Every collection created at House of Alpine is thoughtfully and lovingly produced, resulting in luxurious quality and stunning results you and your customers will love. We are proud to manufacture garments that are always 100% made in the USA.

For inquires, please email Houseofalpine@gmail.com